Focaccia With Onions Sausage and Dried Tomatoes

Focaccia With Onions Sausage and Dried Tomatoes

Focaccia With Onions Sausage and Dried Tomatoes. It arriving hot weather. To fully enjoy the pizza in the summer evenings we often go in search of ingredients to put on our pizzas that give to our palate feeling fresh. The ingredients that make up this adorable cake is in my opinion one of the most absolutely fresh: crumbled sausage, the onion cut into thin slices and the tasty dried tomatoes. These delicacies combined with a good well focaccia are a delicacy for our palate.

Focaccia With Onions Sausage and Dried Tomatoes
Focaccia With Onions Sausage and Dried Tomatoes

Just this morning during pizzaiolo of courses that we organize in our school pizza, the Pizzaiola Marta he has prepared a!! The result was really excellent. I can only advise to you. As you can see from the video below it does not involve any difficulty in preparing, and, I am sure that even those who are beginners in the preparation of the pizza at home, able without any difficulty to prepare this cake.

Focaccia With Onions Sausage and Dried Tomatoes

The first thing to do will be to buy the right flour to get a perfect pizza. If you do not have much experience on flour for pizza, I suggest you read carefully our Driving to the flour for pizza.

To prepare the perfect dough for our focaccia, follow our post entirely devoted to the dough for pizza. There doses and ingredients here.

If you opted for the purchase of a medium strength flour (W270-W300) Your dough will need a maturation in the refrigerator 3 degrees of at least 24 hours before being used.

When it will be ripe at the right point roll the balls of dough to form discs. I recommend, use your hands to spread the balls of dough, not a rolling pin. If you are not skilled in manual drafting I suggest you take a look at our post previously published that explains step by step how to successfully roll out the handmade pizza. It contains video and is in any case a very simple operation to perform. You can find it here.

Once the drafting, add the crumbled sausage, the red onion and the delicious dried tomatoes. A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and fresh rosemary needles along with a pinch of salt.

Bake in oven 300 degrees centigrade and in three or four minutes will be ready. Two fresh basil leaves and serve hot to your guests.

Focaccia With Onions Sausage and Dried Tomatoes

If you are a lover of good pizza, and you would like to make it a profession, why not come to our school for pizza? Sign up for one of the Our practical courses. If you do not have time to come to our school, I remind you that our site offers a professional course of pizza ONLINE. You can access the online course directly from your PC simply by logging. More information on our course of pizza online be found here.

If you're looking for recipes and ideas for your next pizza party at your house, on our site you are at your disposal around 300 various recipes of pizza.

Not only recipes, on YouTube videos are even recipes. See our proposals.


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