Aromatic Plants To Grow At Home

Aromatic Plants To Grow At Home

Aromatic Plants To Grow At Home. Everyone has aromatic plants at home. We often use them in the kitchen for their scent and unique taste that enriches the dishes we prepare in our kitchen.

It is also possible to grow them in pots on the balcony of the house for those who do not have a vegetable garden, today I propose three aromatic plants to grow indoors that require no care or maintenance, as well as being scented, they are also real ornamental plants.

Aromatic Plants To Grow At Home

I suggest you grow rosemary, mint and oregano.

Rosemary it grows well both indoors and out on the balcony, very little care, little water only in summer during the dry season. It has no problems during the winter, avoid water stagnation, always use the part that grows at the top, you will see that the plant will strengthen. Excellent for roasts and focaccia.

 Other plants

Mint. It does not require direct sun, occasionally remember to water it during the summer, which is the season in which it develops the most. Fantastic in summer cocktails and excellent on some types of pizza. To learn more, read our previous article: Mint and Pizza.

For a pizza lover for sure the most important plant is oregano. Among the plants that you can grow at home, it is certainly the least demanding, it requires a lot of sun and no stagnation of water. In addition to pizza, oregano is used in all tomato-based sauces, on the caprese and on many other dishes that are the basis of Mediterranean cuisine.

Their Properties

These three plants to grow indoors are some of the easiest to grow, and their benefits are known to all, already the ancient Romans used them to cure some physical ailments. I often use them preparing excellent infusions.

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